Paul Keogh started creating multiple timelines from the very start – who should he be?

What is the self?

In the beginning there was Art, the paintbrush then writing ,then the guitar, the piano.

So many roads to go down.Beethoven,Bob Dylan how did they all fit together?

Then when no answer came he found his own way out and began to dismantle and ripped apart the plasma of reality to find an unlimited canvas.

But he needed a bridge to transport him to this new world of unlimited creativity so he hitched a ride upon a magic bird.

Once the bird had flown he found himself in strange new land and the people who saw him arrive on the bird began to mistake him for the bird itself.

This must’ve been what happened in biblical times and how myths and stories began to emerge.Not concerned with this false fable he acquired a new power where he needed no one but himself and returned to his original self with this new vision.

Escaping all these timelines he left those trapped there inside and carried on pulled on by an invisible flame occasionally looking on from the outside in a far away place he began to transport himself even further away to a world beyond. 2021.