What do BBC introducing Melodramatic records The Bootleg Beatles and Black all have in common?

The answer is Paul Keogh.

In 2002 at a very young age Paul entered the original Fame Academy and made it to the final 30 being coached by Carrie Grant and U2 producer Steve Lillywhite on the way. Enraptured by the endless possibilities of London Paul came back and by the following summer had packed his bags and moved to London.

After gigging extensively with no luck he was spotted busking out side the Spice of Life on Romilly street by two girls who had connections with Deltasonic records in Liverpool. By Christmas time Paul had played gigs with local legends The Bandits in famed venue The Zanzibar.

After spending Christmas in Scotland Paul gave up his Flat in London and was effectively sofa surfin in Liverpool at the mercy of the great city and was taken in by the locals as one of their own. Many gigs and adventures followed with a cast that included Echo and the Bunnymen, The Coral, The Zutons and of course The La’s. Unfortunately no record deal emerged and Paul returned to Scotland to resume his job as an usher at the Odeon cinema.Well if it’s good enough for Robert Deniro then it’s good enough for anyone!

After escaping the vacuum of the Scottish music scene Paul retreated into songwriting and solitude.After many months Paul was requested to audition through an Ad in the NME for a new record company called Melodramatic records in front of a panel that included a young Amy McDonald prior to her releasing her first single.In spite of good feedback this proved to be another dead end and another long trip back from London

Much later in 2009 Paul was pushed against his better judgement into a national reality  where he once again showcased not only his skills and abilities as a songwriter and vocalist but as formidable radio presence as he was interviewed on breakfast radio to an estimated audience of 750,000.

Since then Paul has his song appear in international indie film a wedding most strange collaborated with ghost writers in L.A and more recently been played on BBC introducing Leeds with his song ‘Amen’

It was  that song AND  his masterwork  ‘sing to me’ directed by Scott McCallum long term friend from his cinema days that caught the attention of late great Colin Vearncombe AKA Black who invited Paul to come on tour with Him in 2014. Paul maintained a close e-mail friendship with Colin until his untimely passing in 2016.

Since 2015 Paul has kept busy playing in Beatles tributes across Greece and started original band Modern Champions with the lads out there. 2017 saw Paul travel the world again as an international busker on luxury cruise ships across America, Mexico the Netherlands and the Bahamas…and only moments ago Paul was invited down personally by the Bootleg Beatles to audition for the part of John Lennon.

Paul is currently working on material with ‘The Modern Champions’ and finishing off his debut album Popular Magic to be made available on the website very soon..stay tuned…!